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Hair Transplant

Our Commitment is a Satisfied Customer

Grand Clinic believes that looking great and feeling great are one and the same ,that’s why we take a holistic approach to everything we do.

Our Commitment is a Satisfied Customer

Grand Clinic believes that looking great and feeling great are one and the same ,that’s why we take a holistic approach to everything we do.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation provides effective results in restoring the hair that has started to fall out. Hair transplantation procedures, which are effective in restoring the hair lost by the individual and protecting the existing hair, are carried out in the light of technology and scientific developments. The treatment to be applied after the main causes of hair loss are determined enables the person to regain his/her lost hair. 

Hair loss is an important problem that occurs at an early age. Hair, which is one of the most valuable accessories for individuals, has an important place in maintaining aesthetic integrity. Hair loss due to various reasons, which has an important role in the person’s being at peace with himself/herself and physically liking himself/herself, can make the individual unhappy. Recent technological developments, which are effective in eliminating this situation, enable the person to regain their lost hair. 

Hair loss, which generally starts to occur in men in their twenties, is also seen in women in some cases. Hair loss, which initially starts with thinning of the hair and receding of the front hairline in the forehead area of the person, occurs due to genetic factors in male individuals, while in women it occurs due to hormone changes and some diseases. 

The fact that people who are faced with hair loss should first undergo a general health screening plays an important role in determining the actual causes of hair loss. Determining the underlying cause is effective in determining the correct path to be followed in hair loss.

What are Hair Transplantation Methods?

Hair loss, which can occur in almost every age group today, can occur due to many reasons. Hair loss can cause problems that can lead to baldness in men and women. The rate of baldness in women is less than in men. People who want to receive treatment for hair loss should start treatment with one of the appropriate treatment methods to regain their lost hair. 

Hair transplantation methods, which are advanced in the light of developing technology and scientific developments, provide higher performances day by day. Among the methods developed today;

  • Fue Technique
  • DHI Hair Transplant Technique
  • Ethnic Hair Transplant Technique
  • Sapphire Hair Transplant Technique.

The technique to be chosen for the person to undergo hair transplantation should be determined after a detailed examination of the person. The appropriate method to be chosen according to the expectations of the person and the type of hair loss he/she has provides effective results in a short time. 

Grand Clinic, which restores the lost hair of people with the quality services it offers today, offers professional support to its valued guests who face various problems due to hair loss problems. 

The hair transplantation method to be preferred according to the rate of hair loss of the person, the location of the donor area and the effect of other factors on hair transplantation should be determined as the method that will meet the expectations of the person and get the best result. The procedures to be initiated in line with the decision to be made together with the client after the detailed examination to be made by the specialist in hair transplantation provide aesthetic integrity in a fast and effective way. 

How is Hair Transplantation Done?

Completely personalized hair transplantation procedures can be defined as the transfer of one’s own healthy hair follicles to the scalp opened due to hair loss. In general, the hair follicles in the nape area, which are more resistant to hair loss, are collected and transferred to the areas where hair loss is intense with appropriate methods. 

Hair transplantation methods to be applied in our center are evaluated individually. People coming from abroad are required to spend a period of 2 nights and 3 days close to the center for hair transplantation. During this time, the treatment to be applied by the hair transplant specialist is carried out professionally and the person is planned to be sent on his/her way with healthy hair. 

The prices varying according to the hair transplantation method are between 1200 EURO and 2000 EURO. During the hair transplantation procedure, people who receive treatment do not feel pain and soreness. Extremely comfortable hair transplantation procedures allow the person receiving treatment to regain the desired hair in a very short time. 

Thanks to the local anesthesia to be applied to the area where hair transplantation will be performed, the person receiving treatment has an extremely comfortable experience. Our clinic, which works with professional hair transplant specialists in the field, has brought many people together with healthy hair until today. For a comfortable treatment plan with affordable price advantages, you can get the necessary information from our clinic and start your procedures. 

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

In general, hair transplantation procedures are applied to people who experience hair loss due to hormonal causes called androgenetic alopecia. Apart from this, it can be safely applied to everyone after the examination to be performed in cases where the person feels aesthetically bad due to hair loss. 

Intense hair loss, especially in male individuals, can be treated even if there is no hair left, thanks to the healthy hair follicles to be taken from the nape of the neck. New generation hair transplantation methods, which reveal effective results in regaining the hair lost due to the negativities experienced by the person (surgery, burns, burns), can be safely applied to everyone of all ages. 

Hair transplantation can be performed on individuals who do not feel aesthetically good due to hair loss, who isolate themselves from social life over time and whose self-confidence has been shaken for this reason. The main purpose of hair transplantation is to restore hair health and aesthetics that will make the person feel good. As Grand Clinic, we closely follow the latest technologies in the field of hair transplantation and restore the lost hair to people who apply to us with complaints of hair loss. In a comfortable and hygienic clinical environment, you can have a pleasant time with professional hair transplant specialists and regain the healthy hair you dream of. 

Hair Transplant Prices

Hair transplant prices are in a very wide category. It should be kept in mind that there are many factors affecting the price and most importantly, the quality of the center to be chosen for hair transplantation should be determined well. 

When determining hair transplantation prices, it should be known that the method to be applied for this treatment is decisive in terms of price. The fact that the center you will apply for hair transplantation service has produced successful results in this field will be a reference for you. 

Today, it is known that many centers apply hair transplantation procedures that result in frustration due to their ignorance of treatment methods and technological inadequacy. In order not to be adversely affected financially and morally, you should carefully choose the center where you will receive support for hair transplantation. 

While getting price information about hair transplantation, learning all the details of the procedures to be applied will ensure that you receive a quality service. Hair loss problems that negatively affect the life of the person are eliminated by professional experts who perform expert touches in the field. 

By regaining the lost hair, the person regains his/her lost self-confidence and becomes more successful in social life. Today, hair, which is among the most important factors that complement the aesthetic appearance, is extremely effective on the psychology of the person. 

After the hair transplantation procedure, the person can return to his/her daily life in a much happier way. The 2 or 3-day period of time that the person will allocate for his/her life, which will start again with his/her new appearance, allows him/her to continue the rest of his/her life with healthy and well-groomed hair. 


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