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Our Commitment is a Satisfied Customer

Grand Clinic believes that looking great and feeling great are one and the same ,that’s why we take a holistic approach to everything we do.

Our Commitment is a Satisfied Customer

Grand Clinic believes that looking great and feeling great are one and the same ,that’s why we take a holistic approach to everything we do.

Teeth Aesthetics 

One of the most popular procedures among aesthetic applications today is dental aesthetics. Dental aesthetics is carried out with different applications and ensures that dental designs are made in the most suitable way for people’s mouth and face shapes. Dental aesthetics, which is only one of the many procedures performed by Grand Clinic, is divided into different groups within itself. In this way, people can whiten their teeth, have the most suitable teeth for their oral structure or contribute to dental health with different implants.

In Which Situations Can Dental Aesthetics Be Performed?

Since there are many different types of dental aesthetics applied today, dental aesthetics can be applied in many situations. The types of dental aesthetics are decided entirely in line with the patient’s tooth structure and wishes. Some situations where dental aesthetics can be applied are listed below. 
  • People with discolored or yellow teeth can undergo dental aesthetics to whiten their teeth. 
  • If the gums are long, dental aesthetics may be preferred to achieve an aesthetically better smile. 
  • If there are elements that disrupt the aesthetics of the smile, such as broken or crooked teeth, these problems can be eliminated with dental aesthetics. 
  • Genetic or post-genetic gaps between the teeth can be eliminated with dental aesthetic applications. 
  • Even if people do not have any problems with their teeth, these applications can be used to make them feel more confident while laughing. 
  • If the teeth are too close together or crooked, an ideal dental appearance can be achieved by applying dental aesthetics. 
As can be understood from the list above, dental aesthetics can be applied in many situations. The biggest advantage of these applications is the application of completely personalized procedures. The best result is achieved by analyzing the mouth, teeth and facial structure of the patients and planning the application in proportion. 

What are the Types of Dental Aesthetics?

As mentioned before, there are many types of dental aesthetics. Aesthetic types are divided into many categories both for the application method and for solving different problems. In this way, applications can be made for every individual who is not satisfied with their teeth. Some of the dental aesthetic types performed by Grand Clinic are as follows; 
  • Tooth whitening 
  • Hollywood smile 
  • Laser dental treatment 
  • Restorative dental treatment 
  • Gingival aesthetics 
  • Tooth bridge 
  • Toothpaste treatment 
  • Single unit dental implant 
  • Multiple implant application 
  • Fast implant 
  • E-Max implant 
  • All on Four implant 
Specialist dentists and aesthetic specialists work together in all these types of dental aesthetics. In this way, it is ensured that the teeth are done in the best way and have an aesthetically ideal appearance. You can browse the titles below to get more information about these dental aesthetics. 

Tooth Whitening 

One of the first procedures that comes to mind when it comes to dental aesthetics is teeth whitening. The outer layer of the teeth may turn yellow due to different reasons and teeth whitening products may be insufficient in the future. Teeth whitening can be done with different methods such as teeth cleaning or veneers. Which method will be preferred is determined after the examination. The application is made taking into account the doctor’s opinion and the patient’s wishes. 

Hollywood Smile 

Hollywood dental aesthetics has been among the most popular types of dental aesthetics for many years. Hollywood smile is a detailed and personalized application that allows people to achieve the best appearance during smiling. In this application, the patient is first examined in the presence of an aesthetic doctor and a dentist to examine the structure of the mouth, lips, teeth and gums. Then, specialized doctors will start a process suitable for the person to get the best result while smiling. 

Laser Dental Treatment 

Laser dental treatment helps to treat both hard and soft tissues in the safest and most painless way. Laser can be used for both dental health and dental aesthetics. Laser treatment, which can be preferred in different applications such as teeth whitening, filling, implant, gingival shortening, can be used if preferred by doctors. Patients who request laser application in the field of treatment and aesthetics must first undergo a doctor’s examination. 

Restorative Dental Treatment 

Restorative treatment is performed both to restore dental functions and to gain an aesthetic appearance. An ideal result is obtained by performing restorative applications in undesirable situations such as tooth decay, tooth deficiency, fracture, yellowing of teeth. To summarize briefly; many applications for dental aesthetics and dental health are considered in the category of restorative dental treatment and are planned in line with the patient’s wishes and needs. 

Gingival Aesthetics 

When the gums appear more than normal during smiling, it causes aesthetic disorder. Gingival aesthetics, which is applied to eliminate this unwanted appearance, offers an aesthetically unique smile by shortening the gums. While performing gingival aesthetics, the mouth, lip and gingival structure of the patients are taken into consideration and the best result is achieved in cooperation with aesthetic specialists. 

Tooth Bridge 

Dental bridge is a special application applied to people who have lost a single tooth between two teeth and is performed to eliminate both the lack of function caused by the missing tooth and the aesthetic disorder. In order to replace the missing tooth, the tooth in front and behind that area is thinned and replaced with a triple implant. Dental bridge, which is a very permanent application, is one of the most applied procedures in the field of dental aesthetics

Implant Applications 

Dental implants are an application that can be applied for many different reasons and patients can get instant results. Implants, which can be applied with different materials or methods, can be preferred for both one tooth and all teeth. Implants help restore dental functions and provide an aesthetically perfect dental appearance. How the implant application will be performed is completely determined by the patient’s dental condition and the doctor’s decision. Therefore, it is very important to be examined before the implant procedure. 

How is Tooth Aesthetics Performed?

As mentioned before, dental aesthetic applications can be performed for many different methods and purposes. For this reason, the stages of each procedure are different from each other. Some procedures are completed in a single session, but the process may be longer in some dental aesthetic applications. This process depends entirely on the patient’s wishes and needs. If the dental treatment requires rehearsal and post-procedure examination, the procedure may take up to 10 days. Individuals who are curious about how dental aesthetics is done can contact Grand Clinic to get information about the subject they are uncomfortable with in their teeth and to see with specialist doctors about how to do a procedure with a preliminary examination. 

Tooth Aesthetic Prices  

One of the most curious issues for individuals who want to achieve the tooth structure they want with dental aesthetic operations is the prices. When dental aesthetic prices are examined, it is seen that there are different pricing for each type of dental aesthetics. While determining the prices of dental aesthetics, factors such as what method will be applied, which materials will be used if it is a veneer, whether the patient will have a single tooth or all teeth are taken into consideration. For this reason, it would be much more accurate to get information on the operation you want to have done.  
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