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Hair Transplant Operations and Other Procedures

Hair Transplant Operations and Other Procedures

Piecemeal from Hair Transplant procedures, we, as the Grand Clinic platoon, perform numerous further procedures. Our Hair Transplant operations are as follows; DHI Hair Transplantation, FUE Hair Transplantation, SAPPHIRE Hair Transplantation and Ethnical Hair Transplantation. As the Grand Clinic platoon, we don’t only end with hair transplantation, we help our cases in numerous subjects similar as Beard Transplant, Mustache Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant, Eyelash Transplant. You, our cases, just conveyed the procedure you need to our medical platoon and let us help you in every remaining procedure.

What’s FUE Hair Transplant, How Is It Performed And What Is ThePost-Process Process?

FUE Hair Transplant, also known as Follicular hair transfer process. Hair follicles are taken one by one with special- sloped micro motors under original anesthesia and placed in balding areas, taking into account the natural hair growth angle anddirection.However, our cases, want to have hair transplantation under general anesthesia in an easy and effortless way, If you. After FUE hair transplantation, your first dressing is done by our experts within 48 hours and your hair is washed. Also you’ll be given instructions on how to wash your hair at home, and you can take care of your hair with the help of drugs especially given to you at home. You can see that your hair grows by 25 in the first 3 months, 50 in the coming 3 months, and 100 in the remaining 6 months.

What’s DHI Hair Transplant, How Is It Performed And What Is ThePost-Process Process?

DHI Hair Transplant hair transplant procedure. The first step in planting with the DHI system is the collection of grafts. For this, grafts( hair follicles) are collected from the patron area, as in FUE. In the alternate stage, the grafts collected with the special medical pen used in the DHI system are transferred directly to the area to be scattered without the need to open the conduit beforehand. With the DHI pen, the conduit is opened in a many seconds and the graft is placed into the conduit. In other words, unlike the FUE system, grooving and root placement are realized in one go. The patron area is anesthetized with the anesthesia system. thus, no pain or suffering is felt. also, the grafts in the patron area are collected one by one with the help of a special device. also the hair transplantation process begins. After the procedure is over, necessary recommendations are given and you, our cases, can return to your normal life.

What’s Ethnical Hair Transplant, How is it Performed and What’s thePost-Processing Process?

Ethnical hair transplant is a bit more delicate than other hair transplants. Although it’s delicate due to the structure of the hair, at the Grand Clinic, a problem-free transplant can be done by our expert professionals. It’s kindly delicate to get grafts from patron spots of people of ethnical origin. The curled structure of the hair starts at the root and thus it’s delicate to remove without damaging the root and graft. Curled hair can also beget difficulties during hair transplantation. Because ethnical hair grows slower than other hair, results may take longer to be seen. still, the results of ethnical hair transplantation performed by expert hands will please our cases.

What’s Sapphire Hair Transplant, How is it Performed and What’s thePost-Processing Process?

Your hair is collected and the area where your hair will be planted is castrated. At the same time, anesthesia is applied. As in FUE hair transplantation, in Sapphire FUE, hair follicles are collected from the patron area one by one usingmicro-tips, the compasses of which vary between0.6 –0.7 –0.8 mm, by means of a micro motor. The process is provided by opening micro channels in the area to be planted. The minimum position of this procedure aims to accelerate the mending process. The collected roots are placed in the opened channels. The small channels opened with sharp, smooth and durable sapphire tips between1.0-1.3 –1.5 mm are in the size of the hair follicle, allowing the number of opened channels to increase and the hair follicles to be planted near to each other. In hair transplantation, the hair angle is accepted as 40-45 degrees. And your hair is planted at this angle.

What’s Beard Transplant, How is it Performed and What’s thePost-Processing Process?

Beard cultivation; It’s the process of planting hair follicles taken from the bald corridor of the face, the reverse of the hair or another suitable part of the body. Beard transplantation is performed under original anesthesia, just like the hair transplantation procedure, and the number of grafts supposed applicable by the croaker is planted in the bald area. In beard transplantation, way are applied as in hair transplantation. As the Grand Clinic platoon, you can imagine your beard the way you want it during beard transplantation and tell us how it shouldlook.However, you can draw that way and if you dream of a beard with clear lines, you can produce your own style by telling our expert about it, If you’re featuring of a Western- style beard.

What Is Mustache Transplant, How It Is Performed And What Is ThePost-Process Process?

First, the grafts demanded by the area to be scattered are determined, and also the place to be taken is decided. During the operation, the mustache area is anesthetized and transplanted according to the growth zone of the mustache area. After the procedure, the face is bandaged and after some procedures, the hair may stick around the waist. After the procedure, the face should not be washed for 72 hours normally. To avoid any form of infection, people should clean the treated areas regularly. In the first period, it is necessary not to apply pressure to the face during the cleaning process. The first peeling is considered more convenient after two weeks. The first slice must be done with a razor blade.

What’s Eyebrow Transplant, How is it Performed and What’s thePost-Processing Process?

Eyebrow transplant operation is the process of broadcasting hair follicles taken from the patron area to the eyebrowless area due to slipping or inheritable characteristics. After the root area to be taken is shaved to 1 mm, the process is started by applying the necessary disinfection and original anesthesia. The area to be taken is generally the area with fine hairs in the smallest part of the nape of the hair, which is further suitable for the eyebrow structure. The hair follicles in this area are collected using the thinnest small punches with the help of a micro motor. Since multiple grafts will disrupt the lightheartedness of the eyebrow area, single bones are removed from the uprooted hair follicles for eyebrow transplantation. latterly, the necessary channels are opened in the designed eyebrow area or directly through CHOI PEN, sowing is performed at the applicable angle and direction. The day after the operation, Grand Clinic specialists make the first dressing and tell you, our cases, the dressing and care recommendations at home.

What’s Eyelash Transplant, How Is It Performed And What Is ThePost-Process?


Eyelashes have an important anatomical structure that protects the eye against chemical and physical foreign bodies and allows the eyelids to close with its kickback. Its part in aesthetics, beauty and attractiveness is irrefutable. Your eyelashes may be meager , missing or exfoliate due to some trauma. But do n’t be hysterical , as Grand Clinic, we can help you with this problem as well. Eyelids, which are one of the veritably thin and sensitive areas, can also be scattered and similar problems in the eyelashes can be excluded permanently. In eyelash planting, the roots to be planted are taken from the nape area, which is asleep to slipping. The hair follicles taken with veritably thin and sensitive tips are precisely transferred in agreement with the perceptivity of the eye area. In the same way, shock slipping thresholds after 15 days, and your eyelashes come thick, bushy and long within 1 time.